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Address: 105 South Sunset, Unit M
City: Longmont
State: Colorado

Country: United States

Zip: 80501

Phone: +1 720-534-1242

About ExtractCraft

ExtractCraft makes the complicated process creating professional quality concentrates achievable for anyone safely and simply. Our ethanol recovery appliances are easy and safe to use in the home or small business and make achieving high quality extraction achievable for everyone! These appliances work under vacuum, with low heat, to recover almost all the ethanol for reuse, paying you back and paying for itself every time they are used. The Source Turbo is great for personal, small batch production, or process testing while the EtOH PRO (ē-toe pro) is a workhorse with a 1-gallon capacity. Use our equipment to be a trendsetter and show all your friends how the pros do it!

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